The mission of the Andrew Watson institute is to publicise the truth that Scotland invented modern world football. In these early days, we already have fans of football who have done more than their fair share to tell the world about the Scotch Professor.

Graeme Brown has earned his place in heaven by finding the exact site of the First Hampden Park. His dedication and skill have ensured that the world knows about the Cathcart Railway plan and the only known evidence of the First Hampden.


Why is this important? Because all world football goes back to this ground. The first purposely built international football stadium. The stadium where the Scotch Professors finally destroyed any lingering idea that the English code of football was the better code. Without Hampden we would have not had the Passing and Running game, or Andrew Watson, or the Corinthians - or modern world football.

Thanks to Graeme Brown, Hampden Bowling Club received financial support from Tennant’s Brewers to paint Ashley Rawson’s mural on the rear of the Hampden Bowling Club Pavilion. The mural celebrating ‘The Game Which Broke English Hearts’ in 1882.

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